Clean Stuffed Animals & Spilled Milk

Greetings!  It's Monday.  Let's not focus on that.  Mmkay? Thanks.

Willie is back on Morning Joe, woot!  I love this show!  I love me some Willie and News I Can't Use, so I'm glad he's back.  I'm also glad to see Joe rocking the glasses and unkept hair on a Monday… I totally feel that look.

I'm wearing my wedding colors today.  I just realized that.  Moving on…

Can I just tell you how much I'm loving having my own washer and dryer?  I absolutely LOVE it.  I think I'm going to get rid of half of my clothes because I am realizing that when I can do laundry every day, i don't need 40 pairs of pajama pants, etc.  Plus… a special someone is moving in pseudo-soon-ish, and I've got to make room at the Inn! :)

Last night, I washed all of Brokaw's stuffed toys. 

March09 033 

Note how nothing has eyes or a nose.  That's my boy!

It was quite a workout for the poor lint filter! 

March09 034Bubba was SOOO EXCITED!!  If you tell him, "Brokaw, go get your baby,"  he'll go get one of these guys.

He had been looking for them while they were in the wash.  Yes, I was evil enough to say "Brokaw, go get your baby," knowing full well that there weren't any where he could get to them.  He'd run around the apartment, then report back, empty handed and confused. HAHA

March09 036 

I bet he's having fun at home right now with all of his clean little buddies!

March09 040 

One more thing before I go… you know how I like to solicit advice on the blog, right?

Well… does anyone know how to pour milk out of one of these funny jugs and not spill any?

Because I'm just starting to be able to do it… and the jug is about 1/3 empty.  When it's full, I spill it all over the place!

It's WAY cheaper, though!!  Costco has this milk for like $2.15!!!!  You can't beat that!

I remember buying milk at Harris Teeter for almost 4 bucks! 

14 thoughts on “Clean Stuffed Animals & Spilled Milk

  1. lol! You are evil! (Not that I’ve ever done that … *cough*) I started off calling Koda’s stuffed animals “babies”, but then I realized I have lots of kiddos in my life and if one of them was over and I called them baby or said “Koda, be nice to the baby”, then it could be disasterous, so I changed it to “bears”.

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