Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I LOVE this stuff!

So last night was President Obama's pseudo State of the Union address.  Can I just tell you how much I love this stuff??  Seriously.  You can have the Oscars.  I don't see movies, and if/when I do watch the Oscars, I don't even know what/who should win because I don't know the movies or the people!  I kind of like the dresses, but that's what people.com is for the day after!

Now... State of the Union... that's like the Oscars for me.  Or the Super Bowl.  Or I don't know, whatever you get really excited about watching on TV.  I love it!  I love naming the Congressmen and Senators and Supreme Court members and members of the Cabinet when they're arriving and when the camera is panning the crowd during the speech.  My favorite moment of all is at the very beginning, when the Sergeant at Arms introduces the President... "Madam Speaker... the President of the United States" APPLAUSE.... Oh, that moment!  It's so electric!  So cool.

I can't wait to get off today and go home and watch it again!  I really miss seeing these things LIVE.  Don't get me wrong, I love my DVR, and I'd be lost and seriously professionally challenged if I didn't have it, but State of the Union (or adress to a Joint Session of Congress in this case) is better LIVE.

By the way, did you guys catch Morning Joe live from the White House yesterday?  Have I made you all into Morning Joe watchers yet?  If not, why not?  Check out clips from their show yesterday, it was fabulous, I love that show!!


ann said...

i'm not with you on this one! I really don't know anything about movies either. Let me think about something that really excites me--travelling to an exotic place maybe:) I haven't watched a tv in so long that I truly don't miss it--no offense. I am proof that you can live without a tv--ha ha:)

christin said...

I just love this!!! How cool. I love how enthusiastic you get over it. I also love - you know what? That you aren't like "well I only love republicans & HATE THE DEMOCRATS" or vice-versa. You're appreciative of it as a whole. I think that's probably cuz' you're in news but still. It's refreshing. :)
I only caught a little bit last night and what did I notice? Michelle's fabulous dress. :)