Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Can't stop thinking about 2 things...

Today I am super sleepy.  My eyelids feel like they're lifting weights.  I can't stop thinking about my bed.  Oh, how I love it so.  Warm.  Cozy.  Soft.  My warm puppy behind my knees, all snuggled up.  Can't wait to get back there!

I'm also seriously craving chocolate and if I see any or if I know anyone has any, they better watch out!!  I promise you I could throw back like 3-4 packs of Swiss Cake Rolls right now.  By the way, my friend Michelle recently did a fun little survey/competition pitting HoHo's against Swiss Cake Rolls, check it out.  I wonder if HoHo's are more of a Northern thing while Swiss Cake Rolls are more of a Southern thing.  I grew up with Little Debbie!  She was always at Granny's house! :)

So, yeah.  Chocolate and my bed - the two things I simply cannot get out of my mind right now.

We have a Winter Storm Warning today.  Ugh!!  Make it stop.


ann said...

Not sure if you consider me Northern but growing up in Michigan I got to eat both and I like Swiss Cake Rolls better. I think I ate them more when I was older because they are cheaper--ho ho's(Hostess) are expensive! But I ate both of them if/when my mother bought them:)

Rebecca said...

Your blog always makes my day...

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