Sunday, October 5, 2008

A Fabulous Fall Weekend

Greetings, my loyal readers!  This is a special edition.  On a SUNDAY night!! Yes.  That's right.  I get to enjoy a whole Sunday!  It is GRAND not having to go to sleep at 5pm on Sunday.  I'm going to actually watch some FOOTBALL!!  I may even put on my Steelers jersey... if I can find it...

I have some pictures to share with you from last weekend (just a couple) and from this weekend - which, looking back - was filled with fall-ness.  (shout out to my fall loving friends!)

First of all, before you read this, if you missed SNL last night, do this first: go to NBC's website and watch the spoof of the VP debate.  It's much more entertaining than what you're about to read here, I promise.

Okay, now that you're back, here are the pictures...


Brokaw doesn't know he cant catch squirrels.

Please don't tell him.  When he sees a squirrel, he goes after it with all that he has... and perhaps if he wasn't always attached to a somewhat heavy human, he'd get one!

I think he'd definitely TRY to climb a tree in order to do so.


Saturday, I switched my closet over.  Sigh.

I packed up the yellows, pinks, and whites.

Pulled out the browns, reds and more black.

I usually don't do this until after my birthday but the next three weekends are going to be super busy so I had to go ahead and get it out of the way.


I have such mixed emotions switching out the closet.

I LOVE SUMMER!!  Sorry, I just do.  I even love summer clothes.  So, when I do the switch over, I always have a lot of empty hangers :(


Yes, my closet is color-coded.

What can I say?  I like to have a cute closet.  It's genetic.  You should see my mother's closet.


Goodbye, Summer!  Goodbye, summer dresses and capris and skirts.

I'll see you in a few months, when I will undoubtedly pull you out too soon and force Spring upon the world.


Brokaw was being quiet when I was doing the closet switch-over....

When I can't see him and I can't hear him... SOMETHING is up.

Yep.  He was chewing on a sandal.



I had to get him to give it back.  I needed collateral, but I was out of dog treats.... so....

Atta boy!  Brokaw loves 100 cal packs.

I got my sandal back.


After church on Sunday, I set out to make something I had never made before - pumpkin pasta!  

I found the recipe online.  The ingredients were pretty mainstream... nothing I needed to make a trip to a gourmet market for or anything... or so I thought.

Too bad I had to go to THREE GROCERY STORES to find canned pumpkin!!!

I was beginning to think it had been recalled or something!

Anyway - after all of that, I decided to reward myself with a Pumpkin Spice Latte for lunch.


I think Rachael would have been proud of me.

I whipped this thing up pretty quickly!

And I used a "garbage bowl!"


Check me out!  I was REALLY COOKING here.

Wisk and all!!


I even shredded my on Romano!

Oh, yeah, baby!!


I topped off my Creamy Pumpkin Sausage Pasta off with fresh parsley and organic pumpkin seeds.

Mmmmmmm!!! It was a giant hit at the church event I carted it to this afternoon.

I expect my voicemail will be filling up with calls from producers from the Food Network.


When I downloaded these pictures, I realized I did have a couple of pictures from last weekend, so here you go:


Here is Pastor Mike introducing Ann to be commissioned at last week's service at Rainbow Forest.  Jonathan knelt to pray with her.  This was just before almost everyone got out of their seats to join Ann in prayer.

It's not the best picture (sorry, Ann) but at least it's something.


Check out how organized Ann's yard sale was!!

She's such a teacher!


Oh, and I have to show you this!  So, this house where Ann is staying right now is on top of a mountain in suburban Roanoke.  It's pretty much on a farm or part of a farm, or something.  I don't know.

All I know is there are cows everywhere!  I woke up to "moooooo" Sunday morning and I didn't know what the sound was.

At first, I thought it was my blackberry buzzing on the table.

Uh.... no.  This is pretty far from a blackberry!

I think all the "mooing" was because this baby got out!  

I saw him standing in the driveway as I was leaving!

Poor little guy - he must have slipped under the fence, but he couldn't figure out how to get back.


I don't know if this cow was the Mama or not... but it was really sweet.  She was walking along the fence with the baby.

It was really sweet.
Ann called the man who owns the cows and he came and let the baby back in, so that's good!

Mooooooo!!!!  hahahaha


christin said...

I feel like this post is dedicated to me. even though it's not. but seriously - closet-switching? Pumpkin pasta? STBX? Cows?!?!? ok maybe not cows but everything else, I'm in. you're awesome!!!!! loves it.
i am making (when, i don't know, but i have the plan) a pumpkin cream sauce with canned pumpkin, heavy cream and parmesean...i think it will be best over penne or a curly pasta. corkscrew? anyway YUMMMMM.

Becky Barber said...

Mmmmm. Ok you both have made me hungry now. I want some pumpkin pasta.
Also...I LOVE that you thought the mooing was your blackberry. HA! Ok, city girl.
Finally...tell Ann "thank you" for me...I'm having a yard sale with Bryn this Saturday and the color coded price thingy is brilliant! So much easier than pricing everything individually. I don't know why I never thought of that. BRILLIANT!