Bling Bling

This is partly for my mother.  I certainly hope it doesn't lead to me being mugged.

Here is my Granny's ring – I love it so much.  I think it's beautiful in and of itself, plus I love the meaning behind it.

And here are the gorgeous diamond earrings Michael gave me.  I am still so surprised!  They are beautiful and it's so neat that he had them designed to match Granny's ring.  I love them! I love the meaning behind these earrings, too.  Something that is ours.


  1. Oh my gosh, They are beautiful!!!

  2. Congratulations! The ring and earrings are absolutely beautiful. I wish you many very happy, happy years together. Michael seems like a very special guy. You are very fortunate to be together.

  3. Dawn Pellas says:

    Dana Brown Rollin’ out the Rocks! Roll Out, soon-to-be “Mrs. Michael”! Congratulations!!! What a beautiful proposal! Your description of your precious evening was so detailed, I feel like I was there! Lots of love to you my friend!! Congratulations to Michael too!! Love the movie! Nice touch! Very romantic! Beautiful ring, beautiful earrings, beautiful night!

  4. I love that you are all blinged out from your head to your finger tips! Congrats! He’s got good tastes in jewelry and finaces (it that the plural?)!

  5. I am so proud!

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