Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Wow.. quite a blogfest for a random Tuesday morning. I just had to get that all off my chest before the crazy week gets even crazier. I'm affectionately calling it Pope Gate 2008. It's not like it's controversial (well, depending on who you talk to) but Pope Gate 2008 rhymes, so there it is.

I have to share with you what my co-worker, Eric said to me yesterday. I'm working days all this week. Yesterday, I started off the week in a nice business suit, complete with makeup on my face and shoes on my feet. (This is quite a departure from my usual black pants plus a random shirt, socks with no shoes and makeup that has aspirations of making on my face but rarely ever does) I walk in Monday morning and Eric says "Oh, look - it's business Barbie." Shut up! Hahahaha... I think I'll wear another suit today, just for Eric :)

I just heard Matt Lauer on "Today" tease that he will be live at the White House tomorrow. I know that's right! Because yesterday I spent a couple of hours at the Secret Service office straightening out a problem with one of my correspondent's credentials. And the only other person who was there also having issues - was an NBC producer. And I totally saved the day! I had someone from my office send a picture to my blackberry and then I sent it right there, to the Secret Service, and it worked. Then the NBC producer copied me to get his correspondent's credential taken care of. His correspondent? Yeah - Matt Lauer. Guess you can't be too recognizable for the Secret Service.. they're pretty hard core about protecting the Pope.

Hope I get to see Matt at the White House tomorrow morning! I wonder if he'll remember me from when Mom & I snapped pics on the old Today Show set - or even more memorable - when I was dressed like a lighthouse circa 1999? It's not likely, and that's just fine with me.

Okay, contrary to popular belief, I don't make any money off of this blog (it actually costs me about $7 bucks a month) so I better set the MacBook down and get ready for work.

Hope you all have a good day! You may not hear anything else from me until the Pope is out of here!


Chris Vaughn said...

We're calling it Pope-palooza at WBAL. But Pope Gate is pretty catchy. Good luck!

Courtney said...

Matt Lauer is DEFINITELY going to remember the Lighthouse! haha. Who could forget that?!?

Gretchen said...

I like to think that all the celebs we stalk totally remember us...if not to be sure they call security really fast when they see us again getting near them. I do believe that certain celebs have a pict of you, Court and I on the night stand next to their beds and hope each night before sleep that they will see the trio outside their bus or waiting outside a book signing....b/c they will know they have "made it".
That is so bomb you helped out the NBC producer...Remember you are going to need an assistant at some point.....all I ask is for a gym membership and weekly massages.
try to think robot voice....Target now sells Bare Essentuals and Bumble and Bumble...HAHAHAHAH