Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Brokaw's 2nd Birthday!

I'm watching Morning Joe from home again. I've officially decided that I like watching Morning Joe at work, but I LOVE watching it at home. With my coffee and my paper... SO much more like I think it was MEANT to be.

Today, April 15th, is Brokaw puggle's 2nd birthday! I guess he is officially not a puppy anymore :( But he still looks like one to me! And he certainly still acts like a puppy. Not so much with the chewing of random stuff, but definitely with the getting into things and stealing them for fun. Brokaw is a handful but he brings so much joy to my life! I'd be so bored and lonely without him. Happy Birthday Bub! (No, we're not having a party, but I did buy him some Frosty Paws - he'll get that when I get home from work tonight)




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Rebecca Atcherson said...

oh my lots of updates from you this week! have fun covering the pope...happy birthday little dude! you are cute 2 year old for sure!