Thursday, June 28, 2007

Yesterday the UV Index was quote - "very high."  As I was driving home from work, I realized just how painfully white I am. It's quite embarrassing for late June. So, I put on the 'kini, grabbed a towel, a couple of magazines, my lotion and drove to the wave pool.  I'm driving around and around the parking lot, not seeing any cars. I thought that was strange, because the sign said the pool was open.  So, I saw a couple of guys on a riding lawn mower and asked them - and they told me the wave pool doesn't open until 11:30am!  11:30! What? The pool should be open before then! They're not even serving breakfast at fast food places anymore.  By 11:30, the day is in full swing, so is the sun. 

I drove home, tried to stay awake -- but by 11:30 I was asleep in my bed with the TV on.  Today, I got home later - I'd probably have a better chance of staying conscious until 11:30 - but, of course, it's cloudy.

So, I made fajitas.  Good night.

*Oh, just in case the administrator of the Boyce Park Wave Pool is looking for suggestions -- how about an early bird special? You can charge us hard core sun worshipers more, we'll pay it.  Or, cut us a deal... like the business membership at Sam's Club.  They let you in at like 7am, before everyone else.  Let me in, I'll be asleep before all of the toddlers get there, and I'll wake up in just enough time to spend some more money - at the snack bar.

I'm just saying, it's something to think about...

Other random thoughts as I drift off:

1. If I see another soundbite from LKL's interview with Paris Hilton, I'm going to do that forehead wrinkle again, and I just don't need to do that - I think I'm getting a couple of permanent lines.

2. Tomorrow I drive to the DC area to apartment hunt.  I'm staying with the fabulous Becky Barber!! I'm dreading the drive but looking forward to having fun and checking a major "to do" off my giant list.


Becky said...

#2 - YAY!

christin said...

#2 - BOO. kidding. yay!!!! i can live vicariously through your fun times in faux VA.

Jack said...

Great information. Thanks