Monday, June 18, 2007


Okay... so.. drum roll... you're about to see Kenny Chesney's backside. My sister swears he's had butt implants since last summer.  I don't know about that - but I do know that little man can wear a pair of jeans! It's too bad I had to break up with him - but he's smaller than me, and that's just a deal breaker... you know, kind of like smoking, or being married.

The concert was AWESOME. I'm telling you, even if you don't like Kenny Chesney - go to his concert anyway.  You'll become a fan!  You can just tell he's having a blast up there and that makes for such an experience.  I can totally see why he won Entertainer of the Year.

Okay, pictures:

This is Heinz Field, as seen from my SUV.  We really should have abandoned the car at this point, jumped in the Allegheny and swam our way to the North Shore.  Can I just tell you - we spent 3 hours sitting in traffic getting to the concert!  It was awful.  We were seriously considering just leaving the car on the parkway at one point.  We were going to pool our cash to bail it out of impound after the show.  Thankfully, we eventually found a place to park for $30.

Img_2540 Here's a cool thing about going to a Kenny Chesney concert: Tailgating!  We were only able to chill in the parking lot long enough to drink a bottle of water - but it was still fun.  Shout out to Scott Stiller for providing the drinks.

It's crazy, people! I haven't ever been to a Steelers game, but now I can just imagine how crazy it must get out there in the parking lot on game day!


Img_2545 Flip Flip Summer Tour 2007. The show was incredible. We missed Pat Greene, but that's okay. As we found our seats, Sarah Evans was starting to play. Then Sugarland. **They were AWESOME. I totally dowloaded all of their songs the next day.  Jennifer Nettles is a great performer. Brooks & Dunn were pretty good, but you know what? I just felt like they weren't that into it.  Kenny, well, Kenny's Kenny and you know how I feel about him.

Img_2551This is my friend from work, Peggie. I found her through the miracle that is text messaging. It's a beautiful thing.  Peg is friends with the guy who is the superintendent of security at Heinz Field.  If I was going to get backstage, he was going to be my chance. Ironically, his name was Ken. He took Kenny Chesney the day before to workout at the Steelers' gym, cool, huh? Well, I asked him to get us backstage, but he told me that Kenny didn't have a sponsored meet & greet this year, so he was only meeting sick children and athletes.  I told him I played Varsity Softball in high school, apparently that wasn't good enough. :( Oh well. It's okay.

Img_2559  Ann and I keep it real. Straw hats and all.

Img_2594 Emily and I both rocked the long necklaces.

Img_2610 Img_2616

I knew he was going to start in the middle of the field because I saw Anderson Cooper interview him on 60 Minutes earlier this year and they showed how they roll him around inside a road case before the concert. He's in there all folded up, drinking a margarita.  So cool.

Img_2613Good butt shots, huh? What do you think, implants? I certainly hope not. If I knew Kenny was in the market for a bigger butt - I would have definitely been a donor.  I know I would have been a match and I have plenty to go around. :)

Img_2651 Img_2639 Img_2655

Img_2624 Img_2623 Img_2658 Img_2657

We sang and sang and sang. I thought we were going to lose our voices, but we didn't. Seriously, GO SEE HIM. It is awesome!!!


Ben said...

looks like it was a mega-concert, I like most of the acts you listed...glad to know you had a good time...last concert I went to was Lonestar at Seaworld

Gretchen said...

Oh Dana! Have you learned nothing in our time together??? No "sponsored meet and greet" Hello?? That should not stop you. From now on, fan or not I will have to attend all concerts with you so we can use the skills to get next to the hotties. You have to become 1 with the idea that you are getting a hug/picture/strange look from said celebrity. Remember they are not laughing at you...they are laughing with you.