Two posts in two days

Man, I am such an overachiever!

My goal for the week is to work less. Sounds like an underachiever, I know, but before you think my work ethic is depleting… consider this: I work too much.  Seriously, my day is 10 hours, sometimes 11 and that’s just ridiculous, considering I get paid for 8, no matter what. So my goal for the week is to work 9 hours a day. We’ll see how that goes. Workaholism runs in my family.

Yesterday, I felt late even though I wasn’t, technically. I blame The Postal Service. Geez, I love that album but I feel like it makes me drive slow.

Today was Martin Luther King day.  He really was an incredible man. Proof that one person really does have a voice and can make a difference. I wish I could get to Atlanta to see those documents that were released today, amazing.

I just ate a cupcake for breakfast. Mmmmm. But my tummy hurts a little. Happy Tuesday everyone, don’t be jeal my week moves faster than yours. :)

Oh, and I am currently finalizing my New Year’s Resolution list. I like to get started in February. I will disclose my goals at a later date.

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