Sunday, January 14, 2007

2nd week in January

Sorry I was absent from this space for a week.

Here's what you missed.

1. I am really excited David Beckham is coming to America. Bring him on. I could actually watch this guy play soccer.

2. I really want to be behind the President on Iraq. I'm going to try. I hope this "new strategy" works. Either way, I'm behind the soldiers, ALWAYS.

3. I found out a friend of mine was hired by NBC News to work at the White House. I seriously cannot imagine a cooler job. I was so excited for her I lost two days of sleep!

4. My dog is some kind of houdini. He can actually remove the cardboard roll from a roll of toilet paper, while it's hanging up in the bathroom. Of course, this makes me mad, but it does leave me wondering... how DOES he do that?

5. My friend Michael opened up a new world to me: podcasts I never knew existed. Free ones. On Itunes. White House press briefing, NPR... the list goes on. I am such a nerd. But I'm a proud one.

6. My work screwed up my paycheck and I realized how I need to pay closer attention to how/what/where I'm spending and get a grip. It's time to grow up and face the "B" word I've always HATED. Budget. eeewww.

7. KENNY CHESNEY IS COMING TO THE 'BURGH. June 9th. Tickets go on sale Feb. 10th. I am so there and I shall not let my new "B" word affect that. This, my friends, is a need, not a want!

I think that's all... I wish you all a blessed week.

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christin said...

budget - it's an awful word. do you watch that show Maxed Out on Style Network??? I hate those types of shows usually but this one is GOOD. i didn't know the meaning of budget until i married "money nazi" (as i lovingly call him) but in watching that show, it makes me so thankful that he kicks my ass into good money habits, even if I go kicking & is SO important. But I used to be completely scared to even THINK about money or my paychecks or taxes or saving or anything...such an aversion to it. it's worth it to bite the bullet for the peace of mind, that's for sure...