Saturday, December 30, 2006

Tonight I have a date...

with Sarah and Maria to go to the movies. We shall see "We Are Marshall." I can't wait. I don't think Sarah and Maria will mind if instead of being in the reality that I am watching Matthew McConaguhey on the big screen, I will pretend that he is my date and that we just happen to be at the movies, together.

It's MM day in my life.  Earlier this afternoon I watched "A Time To Kill" on TV. See... Matt & I go back. Way back. To 1996.

Matthew... I'll see you at 8:00.129805

My (not so) Extreme Makeover

After taking so many pictures over the holidays and seeing my overgrown hair and eyebrows, I took action. I got my hair cut and my eyebrows mowed down. Here's the before and after:

Img_0976Before. This is pretty bad, huh?  Let the record state that this was AFTER I had worked all night and I had been up like 20 hours and had no make-up on.

And now, drum roll...................................................................................


So, I really did have eyes underneath those massive brows? That's a relief.

What A Ham

My brother, Chris, was the man of the house (so to speak) at our Christmas dinner, so he had to carve the ham.  He was handed this huge knife that plugs into the wall. I was scarImg_0861ed, but managed to have enough composure to capture the event on camera.Img_0867Img_0868

New Tradition?

Christmas Eve, my sister and I had lunch at Carraba's. We split lobster ravioli, cesear salad and each had a pomegranate martini. I'm pretty sure the pomegranate martini part will have to become our new holiday tradition.  Our waiter carded us which earned him a $20 tip from my big sis!

Img_0847 Img_0848 Img_0849 Img_0850

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