Sunday, December 17, 2006

Walk in the Park

Friday afternoon, it was close to 60 degrees. I was chillin' with the "moonroof" -- ask Ford why it's a "moonroof" and not a "sunroof" I have no idea. Anyways -- when it's in use on December 15th in Pennsylvania, you're not going to get any complaints out of me.  I took Brokaw to the dog park, and again, he was alone. Now the appeal of the DOG park is that there should be other DOGS there.  What - don't people want to take Fido out at 10am? Welcome to my weird schedule. So, you know what happens to Brokaw when there's no one to play with, right? PHOTO SHOOT. Shoot. This dog probably feels like Paris Hilton. He lives his life in the flash.Img_0660Img_0661Img_0667 Img_0678


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