Saturday, December 30, 2006

I love food

Now, the world of make believe continues.  Did you see me hard at work in the kitchen? Well, this is what I was whipping up:

Img_0735 Img_0736 Img_0737 Img_0738 Img_0739

Am I an amazing chef, or what? Seriously, I am my mother's daughter. I can whip up a few things, and I am learning new kitchen tricks every day, but puh-lease. We were soo at the Cheesecake Factory, and it was fabulous. First, let's discuss the menu. I feel like you need a subscription to this thing. It's the size of a magazine or a trapper-keeper.  It is complete with advertisements. What? While I'm mulling over whether I want the Jambalaya or the Chicken Alfredo or the Banana Nut or the Oreo cheesecake, I'm going to decide -- "yes, I must get that new designer watch or I think those are the curtains I want in the foyer?" Not me. I was focused. Tonight, I will eat two days worth of calories in one sitting. I hereby resolve. And I did. And so did Emily, Ann, Gretchen and Jason. Yum-O!

It was so much fun to have Ann and Gretchen meet. I wish I would have taken their picture together though!  Isn't it cool when your good friends meet each other? That's why weddings are so fun/interesting. Well, I'm glad these two girls had a chance to meet at the Cheesecake Factory, seeing as there will be no wedding plans in my immediate future. Gretchen was so funny, telling her BUS stories, and at one point she found out that the BUS had actually sat in our booth -- that was enough for her to immediately turn over an entire glass of water, which landed in her lap -- making it look like she had a bladder problem.  You have to see Gretchen tell Jerome Bettis stories.  There is no way I can put this into words. Seriously, it's like a sport. There are swift hand movements, a true showing of athletic skill, like the BUS's running abilities.  I think Emily summed it up well. "She should have her own show!" I agree, Gretchen, you are hilarious.

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Gretchen said...

yeah....I agree I am pretty entertaining.