Wednesday, November 1, 2006

I am still alive

Hello friends. Sorry I disappeared.  You can rest.  I am still alive.  My schedule has changed to working overnights and I haven't figured out when to sleep/eat/blog.. you get the picture.  Please be patient.  There are all kinds of funny/inspirational/life changing moments I shall share with you, and some pretty funny pictures, as soon as I am able.  Well, perhaps I should back off the "life changing/inspirational" bit but I promise the pictures will make you smile.  Take care, and if you're the praying type... please add me to your list.  I need help from above with this adjustment.  Love you all. DB

1 comment:

christin said...

wow working nights, that just sounds insane. i have a nurse friend and nurse cousin and they both work nights; I couldn't do it. i'm too weird about my sleep!
welcome back!