Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Happy Birthday to Me

October 19th, I turned 27.  27. Wow, rounding the curve I'd say.  It's not too bad.  I was able to fly home and see my whole family which always makes for a good time.  I love that crazy bunch.  Everyone's family is crazy, you realize that, right?

Img_0014Here my sister is looking at Dave like he's crazy.  Dave appears to be in denial.

Img_0026Aaahhh, yes. The always problematic, however always sentimental three generation picture.  A nice showing my my mom and granny... me, wow. So that's what spending all day in the air looks like? How did my hips turn into gianormous hams?  Please note the balloon and the bear. 27 people.

Img_0031Here is Brayden, my 5 year old nephew. He was so much fun to watch at the Japanese steakhouse.  When you're 5, it's incredibly cool to be instructed to catch food with your mouth at the dinner table. Priceless.

Img_0033Here we have my two older nephews, Jorden (17) and Colby (almost 15). These goofballs. They couldn't get past the fact that our Japanese chef seemed to have a problem pronouncing his "S's." I threatened to post this picture on their myspace pages... now that, my friends, is Aunt Power.

Img_0044_1Now what do we have here? Gee... my beautiful brother, Chris, snapping a picture of his beautiful self and my beautiful sister, Tracy.  Can you imagine what it's like being the middle child in between these two? Seriously. Torture. I was feeling really frumpy that night.

Img_0046And last but not least, we have cousin Natalie. Hands down, one of the funniest people on the planet. She is shown here hiding her schnoz. Hey, it's nowhere near as big as your beer! I luv you cuzzin. You iz beautiful.

Img_0213This is my uber-cheesy face the moment Kate and I met. Kate, as in my new hot pink Kate Spade wallet. And this is not a knock-off. It's my first real designer-anything really.  Thankfully Aunt Clara was on the moment with the disposable camera like I am turning four.  I love that wallet.  Now, if I could just fill it up!

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