Friday, April 28, 2006

home plate

If you've lived in the United States of America for, well, at least a summer... you're familiar with Home Plate.  It's the sacred spot on the baseball diamond.  It's where it all starts... and if you're doing well... where it's going.  Just to tap it is important, and sweet.  Last week, after my eventful week with Ann, my little visit with Dawn (sorry if this is a little confusing... I'm posting it in chronological order, but you're reading it backwards... bear with me, use your imagination... or scroll down and read up... whatever works) I went home for a long weekend.  I put 1000 miles on Max.  He didn't mind.  I had such a great trip.  Sunroof open.  Good tunes.  It rocked.  And I ate more steak last weekend than I've eaten in the last year!  It was awesome!  It was so great to see my family.  My mom, my sister and her husband, my precious nephews, my dad, my granny... everyone.  Oh, how I miss them.  Here are a few pictures taken at Tracy'sNew_pics_080:New_pics_083New_pics_079New_pics_066New_pics_078


Also while I was home I was able to meet my friend Susan's baby boy, Christopher.  He was sleeping, so I didn't disturb him for a picture... but trust me.  He is perfect.  So perfect.  Susan, congratulations.  Enjoy him.

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Courtney said...

Ok-when did Jordan become such a hottie. He was a cutie before but total hottie now!! :) So sad he's so grown...Those days of babysitting are long gone..