Thursday, January 26, 2006

power urge

The following aImages_1re my observations of a night of loss, or perhaps, gain.  Tonight half of my city lost power. Dark. Cold.  As I was leaving work my dad called to ask if my power was out.  Isn't it funny how when the power goes out people call others and ask, "Is your power out?" What does it matter?  I guess we just want to know we're not alone.  We're not the only ones who are powerless. I knew my house was cold and dark... I didn't want to go home.  So I activated my emergency preparedness plan.  I went to Target.  I ended up buying a random armfull of things.  That's my strategy at Target.  I don't get a cart, on purpose.  I don't want to spend more than I can carry, although I have to admit, I have an impressive ability to carry a lot of stuff.  Tonight I ended up with two new books, a pc mic, a pair of snow boots and two cards and gift cards for friends.  Oh, and of course the Caramel Macchiato I picked up on the way out. (side note: whoever thought of putting Starbucks inside Target is a genius)  On the way home, I literally saw the lights come on in my neighborhood. Ding.  We're back in business.  My dad called again.  "You back on?" yeah dad, I am.  Okay, so maybe this is a stretch, but I see a spiritual application to all of this.  Think of the power, the source, as God.  The darkness is where we end up when we're not following Him.  We can find bright spots in the dark (Target) but those things won't bring the power back on.  Once it's on though, everyone notices.  There is relief. Peace. A new beginning.  It's a little strange at first because you have to reset everything, but after a little tweaking, you're back on track.  That's the little light that went off when I was driving tonight.  I thought I'd share.  Bright idea?


Courtney said...

Have you thought about a job with a ministry? That was a great spiritual application. Even makes me think I need to go to Church :)

Gretchen said...

Hey, When are you coming to the Burgh? I enjoyed that post. I am very unhappy at work right now so looking at things in different ways becomes very useful.