Monday, January 23, 2006

an affair to remember

Randomness_009I am just wondering if it's possible to fall in love... with coffee.  Seriously, I think I've met my match.  I've never been drunk or high, so I only understand the power of addiction so much, but I was so smitten with my brew tonight that I am compelled to write about it.  Now, I'm a recovering Starbucks Caramel Macchiato-a-holic.  Weight Watchers pretty much killed my options at Starbucks.  I mean, seriously, how much fun is it to order a Tall Sugar Free Nonfat Vanilla  Latte?  Let me put it this way: the satisfaction from the drink hardly lasts as long as it takes to order.  So, enter my new vice:  The Daily Grind.  Or as I affectionately refer to it: "The DG."  The DG is an adorable family owned coffee shop in Old Towne Portsmouth, thankfully just a short drive from where I work.  It's also the place I met the Streusel Cake... it's almost always freshly brewed, and waiting for me.  Just minutes after my first sip, I'm experiencing euphoria.  I'm telling you, I'm in love.  Today I bought my own personal pound of Streusel Cake Coffee, ground for drip.  Is it sad that I'm ready to go to bed... just because I know when I wake up, the first thing I'll do is brew?  I told you... I'm in love.

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