Wednesday, October 12, 2005

WW week 4: back on track

As promised, here's my weight watchers update... today I weighed in 4.2 lbs. lighter :) Major rebound from last week!! That makes for a total weight loss of 12.4 lbs so far.   Not bad for a month, huh?  It's not as hard as I thought it would be.  This week I have been working out like a mad woman.  A couple of days I even went in the morning and in the evening. I'm having fun losing weight.  It's new to me.. I've never really done it... I've pretty much just been "growing" since the day I was born.


Gretchen said...

Hey! Great job. I need motivation. What time do you go to work and get home? My gym is not open in the morning, I wish it was so I could get it over with and just relax in the evening.

Courtney said...

That's great that you go in the morning. My gym opens at 5am but I am still in bed! There is absolutely not chance of me getting up that early for any weight loss!! But good for you!! I am proud of myself for going 4 times last week. Thankfully Wayne's World 2 was on at the gym yesterday. It made the hour go by much faster! Normally nothing good is on Saturdays!

Anonymous said...

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