Saturday, October 15, 2005

and the band played on...

I just have to share this because it's so random... so this morning, I was sitting on my couch after sleeping in... reading the newspaper, drinking coffee, eating pancakes, watching College Gameday/Clean Sweep (my usual Saturday routine) when I heard something. "Left, Right, Left Right Left," I thought 'what in the world?' so I peered out the window on my front door and low and behold... there was a parade going down my street.  I was highly amused.  My neigbors were in their yards watching... so I went back inside and got my coffee and my camera and watched the parade from my front porch.  Isn't that so random?  It was really cute, nostalgic almost...Dsc01830Dsc01832Dsc01837 it seemed so small town, so American. 


Courtney said...

Does that sign say "Truitt??" I thought they closed that school years ago! I remember playing them when I was on the volleyball team in middle school!! They stunk!

Gretchen said...

Hey Happy Belated!

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