Other Blogs to Read

We are obviously not the only family affected by disability.
There are a TON of great blogs out there.
We are learning of more all the time. If you know of or write a blog that you think should be included, please email me: danabrownritter@gmail.com


One Man's Access by Shawn Dean
Easy Stand Blog
Spin 2.0 in New Mobility Magazine (by Tiffiny Carlson)
Beauty Ability also by Tiffiny Carlson
The Exchange by Experea Healthcare
SPINALpedia Blog
Enjoying the Ride by Alicia Reagan
Adventrues of Colin and Heather by Heather Clegg
Holy Rollin' by Jamie Goodwin
Facing Disability Blog
A Day in Our Life/SCI Caregiving by Cheri
Spinal Cord Injury: Is This Going to Hurt? by Dennis (Cheri's husband!)
Crippled Girl by Jen
It Wasn't Funny at the Time
Mella's Messages by Melanie Bansteev
The War of a Wounded Warrior Wife by Jessica Allen
Walking With my Wounded Warrior by Siobhan Mary Fuller
Wheelchair Mommy by Priscilla Hedlin
Forever and Always by Bethany Marchase
Rachelle Friedman
My Hotwheels by Katie
Jennifer Bridgman
Gary Presley
Pray for Ian by Larissa Murphy
Love Rolls On by Barton and Megan Cutter
Determined 2 Heal by Josh Basile
The Art of Choosing Joy by Kolette Hall
In the Blink of an Eye by Sheryl Nixon
Alfred's Journey by Michelle Iglesias
Sarah Sitting Down by Sarah Berger
The Site That Breathes by Jenni Taylor
Quadriciser Blog
Typical Guy, Atypical Situation
Aaron's Blog by Aaron Wood
My Perfection by Melissa Wood
The Flying Tire by Jaimie Moore
The Mobility Resource Blog
A Quiet Life of Appreciation by Raeanne Woodman
Typical Guy, Atypical Situation by Kenny Salvini
The Stylish Gimp by Priscilla Hedlin
We Rock They Roll by Erin Hayes
The Caregiving Hurts by Gentrie Pool
New Dawn, New Day, New Life by Kristen Sachs


Cheri said...

Thanks for posting these Dana. sometimes you feel like you are the only ones!

Cheri said...

Oh, BTW my husband started his own blog www.denniswboyer.blogspot.com. He has previously been on carepages and decided to branch out :)

Heather said...

I think I read about half of these. Glad I now have more to read!!!

MCC Mobility said...

Those are great sources for a worthy read. Great blogs! Keep it up!

vans wheelchair

Priscilla - Wheelchair Mommy/Stylish Gimp said...

Thanks for including me Dana!

Karenb M said...

It's so great reading blogs like this. My wife has a spinal cord injury and is attending the Center for Neuro Recovery in South Florida. On the to share these blogs with her tomorrow.