Saturday, November 25, 2017

Adoption: Talk about putting your heart out there

Doing my due diligence while I'm catching up over here. Burying the lead, as we say in the newsroom, on the biggest news of 2017, and perhaps the biggest news of my entire LIFE.

Michael and I announced to the world in October that we are pursuing domestic infant adoption to grow our family. You can keep up with all things adoption on the website we created:

I know I've shared here and there the desire that I've had for a long time to be a mom. I don't remember how much detail I've gone into about our journey so far, but if you watch the video above, you'll be all caught up!

Bottom line: I am certain we are on the path that God planned all along for our family and I can't wait (figure of speech... obviously I can wait... and that's what I'm doing right now) to see how the story unfolds.


After years of pouring my heart out on the internet, I've cocooned over the last couple of years. I've written though, about how I never stopped writing. I thought about opening up my journal and posting pieces of it here. I posted one. This whole time I've had this tug in my heart to share my story, to be a good steward of my story. I've been trying to discern what that means in my current place. I've thought about starting a YouTube channel. I've thought about starting a Podcast. I wasn't confident about any of the ideas. None felt sustainable. 

I've worried about things like:
  • When will I have time to do this?
  • Who will care? My life is so boring now.
  • Learning new technical skills is overwhelming right now. My brain hurts.
  • What am I seeking? Am I doing this for me? If so, as my friend Jo says, "nay nay."

So, here I am. Stumbling out of the gate yet again. Unsure of what I'm after, of what success in this venture looks like. Thankful for a space to share my thoughts and the freedom to do so, no matter what they are. 

It turns out pursuing adoption means really putting your heart on the line. You have to share intimate details of your life. On forms, to social workers and lawyers, in a profile book that is an accurate portrayal of us but not screaming "pick us, pick us!" and in the future - with a child's first family. A family that puts their ultimate trust in us, choosing us to raise their precious baby. That love and sacrifice leave me speechless. 

It feels really vulnerable because it is really vulnerable. But it's so worth it. Please feel invited to come along with us as we put one foot in front of another on this journey. (You can follow the link above to get to our adoption website where we'll be posting updates.)


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