Monday, January 16, 2017

Back in DC

If it seems like the last two years swallowed me up, it's because that is the truth. What a challenging time! Most of it in a good way. And by "good," I mean the kind of good that totally sucks while it is happening... then you look back at old journals and realized God was at work on your heart the whole time.

How's this for a life curveball? I'm back in DC.

And - you know what? It feels like home. As I type this, I'm at the Panera Bread at Dupont Circle. (It will publish later, stalkers.) Jason Mraz plays in the background and there are a couple of college students behind me, talking about green energy across the globe, and a guy around the corner wathing videos on his phone in a way that makes me think he may secretly be getting video of me. Should I smile?

I'm back in DC. I'm back at CBN News, where I used to work - but in a different capacity. I didn't see this coming, but wow am I blessed to be here. I'm so excited for what is to come!

We are neck-deep in inauguration coverage planning and I love it. I love this stuff! But you already know that.

I didn't plan to come back.
I didn't plan on Myrtle Beach.
Sometimes, the plans come to us.

I know this much: His ways are higher than our ways. I know we are right in the middle of God's will. I just can't wait to get Michael and Brokaw here. After a season of hurt and loss and grief, I am looking forward to this season of us.


bettyC said...

Welcome back.
It's good to follow you again. I don't know if you remember followers. My husband had ALS and I could relate to your life with a wonderful, loving, handicapped husband. He's been gone for 3 years now. We lived with ALS for 7 years, outliving the 3 - 5 year ALS prediction.
I look forward to hearing about your family of 3 and your adventures.
Good luck

Charles Sorensen said...

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