Friday, April 5, 2013

Goodbye, Vacation

Good morning from the green chair/ottoman near the window of the Hilton Garden Inn in Charleston, SC.

I have a hot cup of Maxwell (oy) beside me, the Today Show on TV (double oy) and a sleeping husband under a pile of blankets on the king sized bed in the middle of this accessible room.

I love him.

I love that he wanted me to wake up early, get some coffee, and have some time to myself, before starting the day.

Before taking care of him.

Before dealing with things like bed bags, and gait belts, and lantiseptic.  
Bless his heart.

This is our last full day of vacation, and I’m exhausted.
Overwhelmed with joy.
Reminded of what it’s like to fall in love with Michael.

We fell in love and became an us during a series of vacations.
North Carolina.
Virginia Beach.

All adventures that weren’t crowded with work and demands of every day life.
Apparently, that’s the environment where we do best.

Great. Because that’s sustainable, right?

We’re going home this afternoon.
I miss Brokaw.
He is my best good buddy, and I just know that he’s shed two thirds of his fur on top of the arm chair in the living room.

Tomorrow morning, I’ll be on a manager-on-call conference call, performing my husband’s bathroom routine, dealing with a barking dog, and washing that puggle hair covered chair cover.


I want to find more balance in my life.
I know, doesn’t everyone?

But - seriously.

Since we’ve moved, I have become SO focused on my job. Which is great. I love my job.

But, recently, I've learned that it’s not the JOB that makes me obsessed with work, even while I’m not there. It’s ME. 
That kind of sucks, because I don’t like to be the root of any problem.
But, it’s also kind of great, because I can do something about it.

Now, I just need to figure out what to do. 

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