Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Crazy Dreams And Waking Up Screaming

Can we talk about crazy dreams for a second?
Because I have had some really weird ones lately. 

I don't usually remember my dreams, don't usually write them down, and almost never analyze them.

Most of my dreams just have to do with regular life, are not imaginative at all, so that makes these all the more interesting!

Saturday, after we went to the beach and had a nice, long walk on the boardwalk, and we stopped on the way home and got Chipotle, then I fell asleep on the couch.

I dreamed Michael and I were driving down the road in the van. Chopper 10 pulled up beside us. Not kidding. There were 4 people from work looking at me and pointing at their phones. I realized they were trying to call me. I called them, then they told me they wanted me to take a picture of them in the chopper and upload it to Facebook, so I did.

Then I realized that there were 4 people on the chopper. I was like, “What is Anita doing on there? You guys can't have four people on the chopper at one time!” And someone explained to me, “oh, sometimes she just likes to ride along.”

And I had to go all manager-style and put the kabosh on that for safety reasons.
Michael and I got back on our way.... and suddenly, we were on a boat.

Then, my phone rang again. There was some sort of breaking news, and I needed to hurry back to the station.

So, we got off the boat, and then we had to stop at a gas station. We were in a big hurry. Michael somehow knocked about 100 candy bars off of a shelf in the convenience store onto the floor. He was insisting he pick them up himself, one by one, with his quad paws. I was begging him to just let me pick them up, because we were in a hurry, but he was getting mad. In picking them up himself, he was rolling over other candy bars, and there was chocolate squirting everywhere.

I woke up, screaming at him.


Sunday afternoon, we went to sleep much later than we were supposed to. I got a lot done though. Such is the trade-off of life, right? If you get ahead in one thing, you end up behind in another thing.

I didn't have much time to sleep.
But, I still managed to have a crazy dream!

In this dream, I was sleeping by myself, on a top bunk bed. And when I was going to bed, I had to sneak in, real quiet, for some reason.

Then, I woke up, and I needed to sneak out, which was going to be a challenge, sneaking down the bunk bed, but I had a plan. Then, I smelled something awful.

Like, really awful.
So, I turned on the light.
And I saw a disguisting sight! There were bed bags and leg bags hanging all over my bed! With really gross urine in them! Urine with sediment, and stones, and blood, and the bags were dripping and one was pouring out like a hose! And there were some that were over full like bubbles or balloons, and when I slid down off the top bunk, they burst and the disguisting urine got all over me.

And, I woke up screaming.

Need. More. Coffee.

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