Sunday, April 22, 2012

Becky and Brian

They did it! Becky married Brian yesterday, and it was a beautiful, heart felt wedding.  What a joy to see my friend, surrounded my friends and family who love her so much, seal the deal!

I tried to sneak some pictures with my little camera during the ceremony, but I didn't have the best shot.  But, they walked out, and walked right past us and Brian looked right at my camera as I snapped this quick (although blurry) shot.

Not long after they walked by us, they high-fived.  Love that!  Cheers to Becky and Brian! So happy for you guys!!

It was so much fun seeing an old friend/co-worker, Lee Ann!  So nice to catch up, 10 years or so after working together.  Life moves crazy fast.  Side note: Can you see how beautiful Becky's dress is? And I LOVED her necklace!  And her hair. So pretty.

It's so crazy how small the world is.  Lee Ann, Becky and I never actually worked together. Becky knew Lee Ann.  Then I did.  Then like 7 years later, I met Becky.  Now, here we are.  What a fun thing to bump into each other at such a joyous occasion! And don't even get me started on how grown up Lee Ann's daughters are.  Children grow when you're not looking, you know.  And they can really make you feel old when you haven't seen them in a while, no matter how many Christmas cards have been involved.

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