Saturday, March 17, 2012

My Friend Ann

Last weekend was so great.
I saw my friend, Ann.
My best friend, actually.
Ann lives in Thailand.  Which is awesome because she has a happy life where she gets to do really important work, and is right in the middle of God's will.  And which also sucks, because it's been a year and a half since I've seen her, and Skype and Facebook are fine and all, but there is nothing like spending time with your best girlfriend.

Would you believe last weekend my best friend met my husband for the first time?  It felt so strange.  Because it kind of feels like Michael and I have been married forever.  But it's only been 2.5 years (as previously discussed) and Ann has been in Thailand for 3 years.

There were desperate ploys to bring her home for our wedding, but it just wasn't possible. And Michael and I had our little internet romance, then our long distance dating thing going on, and Ann and I lived in different cities anyway, so they didn't actually meet face-to-face until last weekend.

It felt like we all went way back, though.  Which I think is a good thing.

After dinner at the Cheesecake Factory, Ann spent the night at our place, then we road tripped it to Roanoke.  Roanoke is a special place for both Ann and me.  We were roommates there about 10 YEARS AGO, WHAT? while I had my first job out of college, and Ann had her second job out of college.

I was a different girl then.  I didn't cook. Didn't clean.  Wasn't responsible with my money.  But I had great clothes! Haha. And a cat.  Looking back, I was definitely not the best roommate, but somehow, we became best friends anyway.  We hooked up with another friend and spent the day going all around - to lunch, to the school where Ann used to teach, to get ice cream, to the movies (we saw "The Vow"), to dinner, then we spent the night with a family that is like family to both of us, and we stayed up until 4:00am talking!!  

The next day, we were both exhausted, but refreshed at the same time.  Well, I guess I technically speak for myself, but I think Ann felt the same way. 

Here we are with Ann's Aunt Joyce.  True story: I saw Ann in Myrtle Beach a year and a half ago. Then, she gave me some gifts to give to Joyce.  Um... well, I gave them to Joyce outside of the Cheesecake Factory.

Mission accomplished.

If your best friend lives in the same town, or state, or time zone, or country as you, I'm jealous of you.  Just so you know.

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Kristen Maddux said...

AW, I love that you got to see each other....and walk down memory lane a bit! That is just the best. Nothing like hanging with your best girl friends! I sooooooo miss mine too. And actually this post was a little selfishly comforting in that I'm not the only one. So selfish. So true. :)
It seems like when we're following where God is leading, and not just what we want....distance with those we love the best happens often. Makes heaven all the sweeter, I suppose.
But wonderful to savor the moments when we have them!!