Wednesday, April 6, 2011

All Dressed Up

Every spring there are two dinners for the media in DC. The Congressional Correspondents Dinner (formerly known as the Radio-TV Correspondents Dinner) and the White House Correspondents Dinner. They're like Junior Prom and Prom, respectively.

Some people love these things. Some people dread them. Maybe I'm a nerd. Maybe I'm still in the "newer" years of my days as part of the Washington Press Corps, but I enjoy them!

Last week, a group of us attended the Congressional Correspondents Dinner.
I dragged three dresses to work that day.
Because, as we've discussed lately, I've gained some weight. So, I had the dress I just bought (that I'll probably end up wearing to the White House Correspondents Dinner in a few weeks), the dress I wore to the White House dinner last year, and the dress I wore to the Congressional Dinner last year, which is the same dress I wore to a company Christmas party a few years ago. Confused yet?
Sorry about that.
Bottom line is, we had Chinese the night before the dinner.
So... I wasn't sure what was going to fit.

I took my lunch break the day of the Dinner and went shopping with my lovely White House Correspondent. We were shopping for shoes.
But, we found this glorious purple hat. It was a little big for me.
Um... and Jennifer.
Sadly, we did not leave with the purple majesty.
I did, however, score a dress for TEN DOLLARS!!!
This was my best bargain in a long time. The original price of this puppy was $140. I thought it was $40, then it rang up for $10.78 and I actually felt guilty leaving the store.

The only thing about these media dinners that keeps them from being the ultimate experience is that you can't really bring your spouse. Boo! But, I understand.

I still had a HOT DATE though!
My purple hat shopping buddy, of course!
At the actual event, we ate...
Some sort of fish something... it was pretty decent. I liked the bread the best, of course.
And we listened to a couple of Congressmen attempt to be funny. Some were funny, some were.. not so much.
My other date for the night, a White House official. Shout out to Shin!
I always enjoy getting all dressed up and experiencing these events. I'm also always happy to get home to my loving husband who listens to me tell story after story about the night. He's so interested and supportive and I could not live this life without him! Maybe one day I will be important enough to bring him along. Oh, the day!

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