Tuesday, January 26, 2010

What's For Dinner: Greek-ish Beef Tortillas

I am making this stuff up as I go, can you tell?
Confession: I am a chronic pantry/freezer builder-upper. I love to STOCK UP. I buy stuff all the time with the idea that I am "stocking up." Stocking up for what? I don't know. Because every time I pull a pound of chicken or beef out of the freezer, or we use a bag of frozen vegetables or a can of something, I immediately put it on the list because I like to have a certain amount of EVERYTHING on hand. I pride myself in the fact that we almost never actually run out of anything :)

This week, we were going to try to live off of what we have, which of course is uber-plenty! I say "were" because it turns out I have to run to the grocery store tonight to pick up a prescription... so you know what that means... I can take my LIST, yay!! :)

Back to the point... We didn't really have a plan for dinner last night. I pulled a pound of stew beef down from the freezer to thaw. Didn't really know exactly what we would do with it... that was slightly stressing me out, but we made it up as we went along and actually came up with a pretty tasty meal!

Greek-ish Beef Tortillas
1 pound stew beef
flour tortillas
chopped romaine lettuce
frozen vegetables (we used Wegman's "Spring Mix" which included onions, red peppers, yellow squash and green beans)
olive oil
worcestershire sauce
season-all (that's the name of the stuff, I swear by it)
Feta cheese

1. Heat up some olive oil and worcestershire sauce in a skillet.
2. Throw the beef in there, season with salt, pepper & season-all. Cook until pretty much done.
3. Mix in the frozen veggies, cover and simmer until your house smells like a restaurant
4. Place the tortillas in the pan over the meat/veggie mix one at a time. I made this step up, should have taken a picture... maybe I'll remember to do that next time? Anyway, this is a good thing to do because it softens up your tortilla and makes it much easier to roll.
5. Place a bed of lettuce on your warm tortilla.
6. Top with beef/veggie mixture.
7. Add lots of feta cheese.
8. Roll up.

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