Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Bridal Shower Pics

I swear to you, it's like the internet has something against my bridal shower!  I have been trying all morning to post the pictures my sister sent me and they just won't go up! Argh... here, I'm just going to do them one at a time... until the end of time.  Take that, stinky interwebs! (update: I just won, word)


Cupcakes! Yummy.

And check out my mom's craftiness with the sanddollars and the candles, I couldn't believe it!


The spread.  Everything was so good and the deocrations were so cute!

Made me so excited and inspired!


My sweet Mama.  Too bad she makes me feel like a giant.  I know she doesn't mean it.  But still... it's no fun feeling like a Shrek. Haha.  She's so tiny!

Good things come in little packages :)


Mom and Granny (rockin' the Cintaberry!)



I love this action shot of Gretchen!

Super bridesmaid!


Yes, that's a moo-moo.

Yes, people.  It takes a lot of grace and confidence to pull getting a present like this off at your bridal shower, haha.  But it was definitely a memorable moment!

Thanks, Granny Nora :)

I hope Michael likees moo-moos....


His better half and her better half coffee mugs from my sister's mom (it's complicated).

Confession: I have been using them both. What does that say about me?


It was a blast and I was blessed with so many incredible gifts!

This is my bow bouquet crafted by Gretchen.  It is lovely, and she barely broke any ribbons (thank you Gretchen!)

I think the "bridezilla" whistle from my sister was a nice touch, no?



ci said...

I love the pics !!!We had so much fun !!!

Andrew Stockey said...

Dana --
OK. You should have stopped the party immediately once the moo moo came out. You have a few thousand years before you start having to wear that.

Rebecca said...

oh no...the mumu!!! i am cracking up over here...