KimberlydozierLast night I was inspired.

I made it to that event at the Press Club I was pumped about.

Marvin Kalb interviewed Kimberly Dozier.

Both of them were amazing.

I was fascinated – hearing about her journey to becoming a foreign correspondent, about what it is truly like to cover the Iraq war as a journalist and of course the compelling story of her recovery after her co-workers were killed and she was badly injured in a bombing two years ago.

She was smart, genuine and really nice!

Shout out to Daniel from Newsweek who let me hand her his pen so she could sign my book, and for taking this picture.

Kimberly told me she has my jacket in Red and White. Of course, you realize that a trench coat is to a foreign correspondent what sneakers are to NBA players, so that was super sweet.

That made me smile.

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