Monday, July 9, 2007

The Weekend Update

Consider yourself especially lucky to be reading this right now.  You're lucky you're reading this. You're lucky it's here at all. I almost lost a finger tonight.  So, I went to the grocery store, where the honeydew melon was looking especially good in all of its summer glory. I bought one. That was almost the last 5 dollars I spent with my left middle finger still attached.  Tonight, I was cutting it up and I seriously sliced part of my finger off.  See? Healthy eating kills!  It was disgusting. Would NOT stop bleeding for like 15 minutes! I was doing all of the right stuff. Applying pressure. Raised my hand above my head, all of the right things.  So, I saved my finger's life. Now you're reading this. I guess I can still type, which is good because I was kind of worried about that. The backspace button is getting even more business than usual, but that's just fine.

Another reason you're lucky you're reading this?  Yesterday afternoon, I was enjoying a nice afternoon at the Boyce Park Wave Pool.  It's a great place, if you can block out all of the unattended toddlers nearly drowning.  I took my ipod, a couple of good mags. (I tried to smuggle a salad in, but I didn't end up eating it) Anyway, you get the picture:Img_3033_2 Img_3036

Well, get this?! Apparently someone smuggled in A GUN, likely the same way I smuggled in the salad - but still, I didn't eat it! Okay, so now I'm thinking -- they really should check your bags! Seriously. I missed the action by only about 20 minutes. Scary!!

Also this weekend, I sold more stuff on Craigslist. I'm really getting into this! I'm trying not to get carried away! But I already raised enough money to get my new bedding set! I don't waste any time once I know what I want - anyone who knows me, knows that!

Img_2981 Before.


After.  :)

Img_1929Oh, Friday, while I was sleeping (for only about 20 minutes) Brokaw ATE one of my favorite possessions of all. One of my brown flip flops. Yeah! And just last week I wore them to work EVERY NIGHT, managing to dress the flops up just enough for work. I was thinking when I was standing Friday, Gosh, I love these shoes - It doesn't even feel like I'm wearing shoes AT ALL. I already bought replacements (the new ones are in the pool pic) but they're just NOT THE SAME. sigh.

I hated him Friday and Saturday, but by yesterday we were making up, and tonight we're friends again. I took him to the dog park and there was only one other person there, I'm guessing because it was like 91 degrees and you're really not supposed to take your dog to the dog park when there's a heat advisory. Oh well, it was my favorite dog park person who was there. It's this guy who I swear looks just like Ernest Hemingway!! His dog is named Holly.  He's a history professor at Pitt. I always enjoy talking to him. He's interesting and knows all kinds of cool local history. I can't decide if I enjoy hearing the history more, or just pretending that I'm having a conversation with Hemingway in the park! Ha ha!Ernest

Well... I better get ready for work. This morning our lead story was about the Pennsylvania government shutting down because they can't agree on a budget. So ridiculous! I wish I could "shut down" when I have a snafu in my budget! And get this: so, only "essential" things are in operation, okay? Apparently LIQUOR STORES and LOTTERY DRAWINGS are "essential" and things like drivers license centers and the Dept. of Education are NOT !?!?! This place is SO backwards, I'm telling you!


Becky said...

SHUT UP. I love that bedding. It's beautiful.

christin said...

you know what? move to D.C. - I hear they're the opposite of backwards! NOTHING funny or shady going on in that city, no sireee....
sorry you almost lost a finger! I actually know a guy with a missing middle finger. it's quite odd. but liveable. i'm really sorry though, that's scary! I would die.
sorry about the flops too - that's one thing Boderson doesn't do, ever, is eat shoes. of course i'm scared to even type that now...
LOVE the bedding.