Here I Come!

Harryconnickjrpicture1_2 Did you see Harry Connick Jr.’s face when he heard I am making the trip to New York to see him?  Too bad I’ve been Tivo-ing his 100 Biggest Weather Moments all week on The Weather Channel and Comcast has had the audio all screwed up!! Good thing Harry is nice just to look at.  I am so excited for New York Weekend with two of my favorite girls on the planet, Courtney and Gretchen.  We will likely break the record for laughs in a 3 day period. Seriously.  And, we’re going behind the scenes at GMA. My nerdy news room better standby for more pictures!Aptvsamchampiongma

2 thoughts on “Here I Come!

  1. Ok, I have let this go all week, but Hello! You have real live pictures of this man, yet you have not updated. What up wit dat?

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