Tuesday, September 26, 2006

From the Tivo Files

Studio108Ellen_smilesKenny Chesney was on Ellen yesterday (This is my new favorite talk show by the way -- she is HILARIOUS)  He went over what he is looking for in a woman:

1. She has to love music

2. She has to love the beach

3. She has to love people

4. She has to love doing laundry (apparently this is something he is quite passionate about)

Now... seeing as I have a dresser full of CDs plus 1500 songs in itunes, I love the beach, I'm great with people, and I spent Sunday doing like 4 loads... I'm pretty sure I qualify!  So that's good news!

David20gregoryAlso -- David Gregory (He's the chief White House correspondent for those of you not following along) was on Conan.  He's so funny!! You should look for the clip of him dancing, it's probably on youtube by now.

One more thing -- I should never wake up at 5:30am again and catch up on my "list."  I watched two episodes of Laguna Beach... you can just feel the brain cells being sucked out of your skull... it's ridiculous, but for some reason... I still watch.

Reminder everyone: Gilmore Girls season premiere tonight 8:00 eastern on the new network, the CW.

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Susan said...

I always thought Ellen would play me in a movie. Yes, I'm a natural blue!