Sunday, August 20, 2006

Concert Pics!

Hey Y'all!  Sorry for the delay... I have been so busy since I came back to the 'burgh.  Here are some pictures from the concert:  I had a blast!! We had a mini-family reunion right there on the lawn of the Virginia Beach Amphitheater!!  It was VERY Chesapeake.  I think Kenny would have had a blast if he was out there jammin' with us on the lawn.  He was AMAZING by the way -- hands down, the best concert I have ever been to. Yes, better than Harry Connick Jr., different of course, and yes, better.  I am admittedly now a little obsessed with Kenny.

Jimmy is in love.August2006_008

August2006_028Not only with Tracy.August2006_006

Jorden with his girlfriend... gosh, he's so grown up!August2006_030 August2006_033

Chris and Jo-Lyn, his girlfriend.  There was a lot of love there on the lawn.  She is beautiful and seems really sweet.

August2006_031The best part was watching these two.  It brings such joy to my heart.

August2006_029_1 Yee-haw!  And Tracy was not as smashed as she looks here.  She's the victim of bad flash timing.

August2006_034It was really overwhelming.  This sounds like something straight out of a country music video... but it's for real.  We were all in the same moment together for the first time in a long time and it was moving, poetic, it brought tears to all eight of our eyes.August2006_040

"There goes my life..."August2006_001

Okay, enough emo talk... get this: a black guy, in a Dale Earnhardt jersey, at a Kenny Chesney concert!!  I love Hampton Roads.

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I have a story along the lines of Evian....So annoyed.