Thursday, July 27, 2006

The 8th worst city

Recently I read an article in the Post Gazette that Pittsburgh ranks 32nd out of 40 in the best cities for singles.  Bummer!  About a year ago I found out there are only 8 men to every 10 on the PLANET, and now this.  Another challenge.  Great. 

Last night Brokaw's cute little hoarse bark started to sound a little sad so we ended up making a Wednesday night trip to the vet and I left feeling really bad.  Bad Dana.  Bad pet owner.  Brokaw has an ear infection!  Swollen lymph nodes are making the bark hoarse.  Poor puppy.  So he's on an antibiotic and we have to lay off the walks for a few days.

One more crazy Brokaw story, then I'll stop.  I'm sorry if that seems like all I write about anymore... I can't help it.  I will try to back off.  Okay, so Monday when I got home from work, the puppy greeted me at the door. (I always put him in a crate when I leave in the morning) I thought perhaps I didn't close the top part.  Tuesday, same thing.  That day, however, I double checked the crate before I left.  Okay, so yesterday I put him in the crate, went downstairs to leave for work, then I realized I had forgotten my cell phone.  I ran back up the steps just in time to see McGuyver himself busting out of jail.  Seriously.  The 4 month old puppy reached up to the top of the crate and with uncanny ability, as if he had thumbs and the dexterity of a cardiac surgeon, moved the lock and opened the top door of the crate and climbed out.  No big deal.  No struggle.  So I'm pretty much going to have to call Alcatraz and see if they have an opening for doggie daycare because this guy needs maximum security.

In other news, (ha!)... work.  It has been a while since I have had a day that really felt like "fun" at work.  Lots of stress, uncertainty, you get it.  Yesterday was fun.  It was the last day of July Sweeps (that's a ratings period, if you don't get it, think of final exams or midterms), which is always a relief.  My friend Ashley did this story about  If you haven't checked it out, do.

You can upload your own picture and it will scan your face and determine which celebrity you look like.  Ashley took a few pictures of people in the newsroom and we were having so much fun with it.  Then we scanned pictures of our anchors for the 5pm news, it was a great TV moment.  Fun.

Oh, my results:

Rachel McAdamsRachel_mcadams_redeye_1


Gretchen said...

Where were you at last night?? We missed you!

Cameron said...

Wow... that's a fun little website, Dana. I apparently look like Elton John, Kevin Smith, and Ben Affleck. :)