Monday, June 5, 2006

Have you ever spent so long on your cell phone that you get a headache?  It's kind of like a ponytail headache, only it lasts a little longer.  Let's just hope those recent studies that refuted the old studies about cell phones causing brain tumors are right.  Seriously.  I have been on the phone for hours tonight.  With everyone.  All my peeps want to talk at once! 

Not much else new to report today.  Crazy drama at work. You can read about that here:  Long day.  Whew.  A little uneasy in the newsroom, tomorrow's morning meeting should be interesting.

And in all of my cell phone yacking, I missed Everwood, so fill me in.  I am so sad this show is getting the boot.  Sigh. I heart Ephram.

Oh, I forgot to mention this the other night.  I saw "The Hills" on MTV.  First, how does a barely out of high school teenager land an internship at Teen Vogue? And Second, girls, please take your jobs seriously.  Please.  Don't ruin it for us young professional women who fought for a chance to be taken seriously.  Smart girls rule.  I'm totally with Pink on that. 

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