Friday, February 24, 2006

birthday boy

Jordenfootball Jordenringdance Today my nephew, Jorden, turned 17.  17. Wow.  He's almost a man!  He's my first nephew.  I was 9 when he was born.  It was snowing that night.  My little brother and I were home alone when my parents took my sister to the hospital to have Jorden.  I was trying to win Bon Jovi tickets on the radio.  I was 9.  How funny is that?  And you know what?  I got through!  And the jerks at the radio station told me I had to be 18 to win!  That made me mad... like a 9 year old can't appreciate an instant classic like "Livin' on a Prayer"!  Anyway, I just wanted to mention JT's birthday.  I love you Jorden and I'm so proud of the man you are becoming!

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