About Us

We are Michael and Dana (Brown) Ritter. We are a Christian married couple.  Dana is a TV news professional.  Michael is a web developer/"house spouse."  Together, we live the title of our blog, "Love Like This Life."  We are honest and real and like everyone else, we face challenges. Some have to do with the fact that Michael is a c5/6 quadriplegic (paralyzed in 1994), some have to do with the fact Dana is a woman. We are only human, but we believe we serve an almighty, sovereign God, and through Him, we can do all things. We enjoy laughing, traveling, reading, writing, painting, taking pictures and experiencing life with family and friends.

Juggling marriage and disability can sometimes be tough. It is often a challenge, is often hilarious, and always requires us to be a team. We started this blog with the hope that by letting others in, we can help other people who may or may not be in a similar situation. Or, anyone else who knows us and follows along, or other random people that end up here via a random Google search.

We don't only write about marriage and disability. You'll also see some adventures in the kitchen, stories from work and family life, tips to use around the house, ideas for accessibility, and probably way too many pictures of a certain Puggle who smells like Fritos.

Contact Us:
Dana: danabrownritter@gmail.com
Mike: ritterml@yahoo.com