Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Two Reasons I Love Coming Home

That is my world right there, on my street. My happy husband, and my curious 'is that you, Mommy?' puggle.

They are my home.

They love me no matter what.

And I need them both.

I need to snuggle up with them, and cry to them, and laugh with them and play with them.

Love is a gift. Unconditional love is even greater. If you've found it, snuggle up and hold on tight. This is the good stuff.

I think it's pretty universal for dogs to jump and pant and get all excited when we get home. I'm not saying my husband jumps and pants when I come home. In fact, if he panted, I would worry, and if he jumped, I would probably have a heart attack.

But he sure does love me no matter what.

No matter my bad attitude, or my unpredictable hormonal mood swings, or my sinful selfishness.

I want to snuggle him forever.

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