Saturday, May 4, 2013

Saturday Morning Post

Hello there, 6:30 a.m. Saturday.
I was wondering if you'd ever come back to me.

But, here you are in all your glory.
Your peace and quiet.
Your only sounds are the wind chime dancing in the back yard, and the Puggle crunching his Beneful.
Your taste is of Starbucks Tribute Blend.

Here you are.
My empty computer screen, and my full mind and my no-alarm-clock, sleeping-husband, everything-has-been-cleared-off-the-day-Saturday.
Let's hang out.
All day.
I've slept 13 hours, and Brokaw peed on that white chair up there, but I don't care.
I'll wash it. Later.

Let's do nothing.
Which we both know is actually a lot.
Three lists, actually.

Let's tackle those lists and try to remember to rest and to eat and to drink more water.
Let's do this.

P.s. More on my thoughts of being on a reality show, coming soon. I promise. But now, coffee and an e-Book bundle that you really do need to check out.

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