Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Fish Tacos to the Rescue

What to do when one has too much salmon?

We faced this problem last week. While we love our dinners from fresh20 we always have too much. It is great for leftovers. And most of the meals reuse different components. But last week's recipe called for two pounds of fresh salmon. We couldn't be stuck with too little salmon!

So after the salmon dinner was cooked it was obvious the two of us couldn't finish all of the salmon. Even with the second time around we had too much. 

There's no way we're throwing away that expensive fresh caught salmon. So we thought about something easy and different -- fish tacos.

While tacos are usually made with white fish, salmon made sense. Cooked in some Old Bay and topped with fresh pico de gallo on toasted corn tortillas, the salmon made for wonderful fish tacos!

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