Sunday, April 28, 2013

Our Episode Airs Tonight!

I'm Married To A...

Well... tonight is the big night!

I had to Google what the other couple was. I'd never heard of the word "dominatrix." Oh my.

The thought of all of the little church ladies all over the country watching this for our story makes me feel kind of weird, but obviously we have no control over who they paired us with. Plus - they may have had to Google "quadriplegic," anyway!

I hope you'll watch tonight at 10pm ET on VH1.

The episode will be online in a few days, along with extra clips.  

I'll admit, I'm pretty nervous about it, but thankful for the opportunity, and I know that our story will be out there for many more people to read. 

I just hope it encourages someone. We're thankful for the chance to have this experience!


Stacy said...

Loved the show! We were looking forward to it all week.

Jaimie L. Moore said...

Dana... this was fantastic. I loved seeing the real no make-up, low on sleep, but gotta get shit done face you had. Loved seeing this part of your jouney. Jimmy and I have begun the journey, deciding to start a family, so we found this especially fascinating. Is official. We need to meet up and have lunch. In the next year. It's gonna happen.
Thanks for always sharing!

Jessica Gunn said...

Really loved this show!!!! You are beautiful! I will be praying for your journey to have a baby :-)

Unknown said...

Soo have you guys got pregnant please keep us updated......good luck and blessings