Saturday, March 2, 2013

Survival Mode And Finding Rhythm

Well, hello there, friends.
It's 2:40am on Saturday, and here I am.

Fuzzy socks on, by the fire, with a warm cup of freshly ground, freshly brewed this making it's way into my hungry, confused tummy.
I've missed you.
I've missed this.
Writing, and commenting, and posting pictures and sharing life with all of you.

But, "real life" has completely taken over.

It's good, though.
It's really, really good.

I love my new job. I am working with a fabulous team. Michael and I are adjusting to being on an overnight schedule. (Yes, I said overnight schedule. You wonder how that TV news is on your screen every morning? It's because of TV news elves like me, who work through the night)

This past week was my fourth week on this schedule. In this new life in a new (old) town, getting to know new people, and a whole new routine.

It's starting to feel good.
I'm starting to feel that rhythm.

The first couple of weeks here were easy. I wasn't working, and all I did was decorate.
That was fun.
And easy.

Oh, I was taking care of all of Michael's personal care on my own, too. It wasn't bad.
We lost Princess. That was heartbreaking.

Then, I started the new job.
Flexing professional and mental muscles I haven't used in years.

Enter the Little Debbie cakes.
And pizza and Chinese food.
And little fights here and there between us because everything is new and stressful.

Then, I started working the new schedule (11pm to 8am).
Then, We released the eBook.
Enter the sleeping/not sleeping weird hours, and still never cooking, and exhaustion and guilt trips and wondering if we'd made a huge mistake leaving our comfortable life in DC.

Then, we found Belinda.
So, I no longer have to handle all of Michael's personal care.

I took a breath.
Blogged twice. Haha.
Still not spending the quiet time in the Word that I know I need.

But I did finally start grocery shopping, and cooking again.
I cleaned this entire house top to bottom, and got a greater appreciation for how much bigger it is than our apartment was. Phew!

And this week, I joined a gym. I haven't actually worked out yet.
But - maybe tomorrow. A.k.a. today. Who knows what day it is, like ever.

That's beside the point.

What I'm trying to say here is that we have been in survival mode.
I've tried a couple of times to kick things up a notch, but I've ended up right back in survival mode.

But, slowly - the rhythm is coming. I can feel it.
I'm adding things back into my life - one by one.
Friends, family, cooking, cleaning, working out, taking care of errands, hanging out with Brokaw.

This weekend, we're going to go to church!

I really do have so much to share with you.
I really do miss you.
This blog.
This community.
This part of my life.

I have more cool eBook giveaways to share with y'all. And lots of pictures of our new place, and just so much more. Thanks for waiting for me.


gentrier said...

Ur back:)!

Kristen Maddux said...

We miss you too! But take care of yourself first. You won't have much left to give here if you don't and we all understand that! Take care and I am praying for you all.

Jaimie L. Moore said...

Gahhhh I hated overnights but helps that I was single at that time in my life. I feel ya, girl.

Happy to hear a rhythm is starting to happen. That's hard to do.

Happy, healthy living: we need it!