Tuesday, February 12, 2013

eBook Launch Day!

It is with much pride and anticipation and gratefulness that I write this post!

After months of work, my very first eBook is now for sale!

You can find all of the details here, on this snazzy website my wonderful husband made just for the book!

Also, make sure you like it on Facebook!

If you want to jump right to Amazon, here you go!

The eBook is built off of this blog post that I know resonated with so many of you. It was a reader who actually encouraged me to turn it into a book! A new friend pushed me over the edge with some encouragement and an old friend did an amazing job of editing it for me. Believe me, she had her work cut out for her!

I have been completely overwhelmed with all of the support for this project! I feel the love from all of my family and friends who are standing with me and behind me, in getting this message out to the world.

You guys, this is for you.
May you all find love like this.

To my dear husband, you are my inspiration, my technical guru, my glass-half-full, and the partner in my dreams.
I adore you. Thank you for pecking away at your computer endlessly, making this happen.

Okay - now to the fun stuff!
We're going to celebrate LAUNCH WEEK this week with some fabulous GIVEAWAYS!
Stay tuned for more!

For now, a sneak peak of some of the treasures my dear friends have agreed to share with you!
And this isn't even all...


Elisabeth Allen said...

I just came over from Trina Holden's blog. Congratulations on the launch of your ebook! It's such an exciting thing ... writing and publishing a book. May God bless your words and your work!

Trina said...

Dana! Congrats!!!! I'm so proud of you, and so GRATEFUL for this book. For the effort you put in and for the beauty you created. I loved the book. Just loved it. Thank you!!!

Amber Schmidt said...

Congrats on the book! What a great accomplishment! I read it all last night and it was great. It gave me insight into the mind of a caregiver, and makes me appreciate the caregivers in my life even more. :D

Natasha Metzler said...

I, too, came from Trina's blog. And dear one-- I am half way through the book and simply loving it.
It is beautiful.