Thursday, January 17, 2013

Getting Moved In

We are getting moved in!

Tuesday morning we woke up in Springfield to a house full of boxes and waiting on the movers. We had a few exciting moments looking for pets and a lot of sitting and waiting on the movers to get loaded. Having the place wide open on a cold and rainy day isn't fun, but having three strong guys loading the boxes in the bad weather is the way to go. We took care of them. The movers at American Red Ball did a great job.

Tuesday night we were in our new place in Virginia Beach with boxes filling the living room and closets and naked furniture around the house. The movers set up the bed so we had a place to sleep. Notice the high-capcity washer and dryer and that awesome high ceiling and fireplace.

Dana's "little elves" (practically the whole family) have been helping us move in. They've been building, moving, and unpacking all the waking hours. We have gone from boxes to livable in two days!

The new house is so very bright and roomy. Dana picked up some things to fill the space, but mostly our apartment was so full we've just got room for it now.

We basically have two more rooms and a half bath! Those stairs lead to Dana's space. She will have to give you the upstairs tour and show you the finished space later.

For now, we're home!


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