Sunday, December 9, 2012

Simple Christmas Decorations

Happy Sunday morning.
This post is brought to you by a girl who is sitting in between the light of a Christmas tree, and a snoring Puggle who is snuggled in between two holiday toss pillows.

Ah. Yes.
I finally decorated for Christmas.

It's definitely scaled back this year.
That pumpkin on my porch? It's still there.
We're not doing the lights outside or the lights on top of the cabinet, or all of the little nik naks.

We're keeping it simple.
I didn't even put all of the ornaments on the tree.
It's low key.
And beautiful.

I drank wine and had the tree up, lights on, ornaments on, and living room swept in about an hour and a half.
Michael was super sweet and compliant. He flew low on the radar, stoking the electronic fire.
And when I was finished, he said it was beautiful.
Ah, that's a good man.

He didn't point out the non-perfect stringing of the lights, or the places on the tree where there was an ornament hole.

And you know what? We got the tree up without an argument, for the first time, ever. I believe.

A Christmas miracle.

Christmas really is simple in and of itself, you know. It's about a baby being born, a Savior, who gives us all hope.
It's not stressful and crazy and full of pressure and credit cards.
We did all of that to Christmas.

It's simple.
And so important.
Sitting by the light of this imperfect tree this Sunday morning, I'm thinking about my Savior. And I'm so thankful for Him.


Garry said...

Now that's the way it should be... no strain no stress, just fun... besides if you don't put it up you don't have to take it down =)
You did good =) (excuse the Texanism =)
Garry, Houston Texas

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