Saturday, November 3, 2012

Saturday Morning Post

Hello and Happy Saturday.
It's cold outside, but I don't care.
Because I'm inside. And there is warm Thanksgiving Blend and moist homemade pumpkin bread, and life is good.

This is it! The last Saturday before the election.
I leave tomorrow for Boston, to cover the Romney campaign in the final stretch of the race.
It's been an incredible two years covering this presidential race. I wish I would have kept track of all of the places I've been. I wish now I would have been collecting those Starbucks mugs from different cities and states.

But, then again, we live in an apartment with limited cabinet space. So, maybe I made the right call on that, after all.

I love looking back at my pictures from the campaign trail over the last two years. They bring back so many fun memories. I guess I'm getting a little bit sentimental as I count down these final days.

I love being on the campaign trail.
But I also love quiet Saturday mornings where I can wake up slowly, not to an alarm or to the sound of "Housekeeping!" - but in my own bed, to the sound of lots of breathing, my husband breathing beside me, and Brokaw breathing snoring at my feet. I love going in and out of consciousness, the only thing waking me is the feeling of four little feet walking in a circle and laying back down, and the occasional muscle spasm from the other side that ripples over to my side like a light, slow thunder.

I know it's time to get up, but it's not an emergency. I flip back and forth a few times, then I finally give in to the day. Rested. Relaxed. Ready for coffee.

Good morning.

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