Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Bad Dreams

Yesterday was the first day of my post-election vacation week.
It was glorious, the perfect mix of productive and relaxing. I had some productive blog time at Panera in the morning, I went to Jiffy Lube and got the SUV's oil changed and tires rotated and balanced. I met a friend for lunch at Founding Farmers and had a sweet time connecting with her. I came home for a cup of tea. I went and got my hair cut and highlighted, then when I got home, we ordered Chinese Food and watched Up All Night, Nashville, and Modern Family.

Before we went to bed we had one of those deep married talks about the future. It was good. But maybe it was bad timing.

Because neither one of us slept.
And I at least, am usually a good sleeper.

I had three bad dreams.
One was about a fight with my boss.
One was about a fight with Michael.

Then I realized he wasn't sleeping, so I turned him onto his side, propped up some pillows, and snuggled up behind him, and fell back asleep.

Then I dreamed about having a fight with the Secret Service, and I realized my alarm was going to go off in 8 minutes, so, here I am.

Not rested.
Kind of anxious.

This Thanksgiving Blend has it's work cut out for it today!

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